Here in México, I live surrounded by magic. Cobblestone streets and venerable old churches, verdant leaves in ancient shadowed courtyards, brilliantly colored foods piled high in labyrinthine mercados — these are a fraction of inspiring sights in this remarkable country.

I am as captivated by the palette of old México as I am with this country's astonishing beauty — my inspiration comes easily from the intense colors and contrasts of the high desert, the myriad earth tones and subtle pigments adorning centuries-old buildings. 

Nature has made a tentative truce with all of us in the high desert — She is a source of infinite bounty, but she will also reclaim whatever we build, and seasons can be harsh. She will wear down adobe walls and steel bridges until they are smoothed back into the landscape. Plants and flowers have a short time in which to blossom and spread their seeds, and animals and insects are intensely active their appointed seasons.

I share my love of this world through my my oil paintings. I work exclusively in oils — their rich solid tones, their smell, texture and feel inspire me. They give me the ability to play with layers, and explore the effects of glazing. I prefer pure pigments, and my palette includes many handmade paints.And while painting is my first love, you will also find photographs from México and elsewhere on these pages.

My previous life in Hawai‘i made me an artist. I was blessed to participate in galleries on the Island of Hawai‘i, and though I miss my island home, I am enchanted with my new home in the heart of México.

My latest work comes to you from my new studio in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, in a former colonial home that is now a collection of bustling shops and studios — a home owned by the same family for over four hundred and seventy-five years.

Espero que disfruten de los colores!

Enjoy the color!